Today we released version 2.702 of wp Affiliate Surge.

This is the first release in quite some time as development by the original developer had ceased.

Please ensure you update wp Affiliate Surge as soon as possible.

This should be the last time that you have to manually login to the membership website and download an update. Future updates can be installed directly from within your WordPress Dashboard.

In this update.

  1. Crucial security patches and core plugin updates
  2. Fully compatible with WordPress 5.x as well as php 5.x and 7.x
  3. A new feature providing easy ‘copy to clipboard’ button for affiliates
  4. A new feature so you can style the buttons on your page to match the rest of your site.
  5. New feature to disable the ‘copy to clipboard’ function until affiliate links have been generated.
  6. Updated feature to provide the optional use of links for you and your affiliates.

Registered users who originally purchased a license to wp Affiliate Surge when it was owned and developed by Andrew Hunter at are invited to log in to their original membership account and download the latest version.

Unregistered users are invited to purchase a license and join us by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing about the continued success of your affiliate program using the new wp Affiliate Surge.